Henry Haynes and the Great Escape



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A fun and fast-paced illustrated chapter book for ages 6-8. Scroll down for more info.



A boy, a magic book and a bossy boa constrictor – oh, and a VERY smelly gorilla with a zoo escape plan! A funny and fast-paced illustrated chapter book for ages 6-8.

When Henry Haynes complains that his new book is boring he gets more than he bargained for. Before he knows it, he’s been sucked down into the story and finds himself eyeball-to-eyeball with Brian, a bossy boa constrictor who’s in charge of a zoo escape.

Brian won’t let Henry return home until he’s released the animals, including some hungry lions and Gordon – the extremely smelly gorilla who masterminded the escape plan. To make matters worse, it looks as if Gordon’s out to get Henry…

Can Henry get home alive? And why didn’t he just keep his big mouth shut about boring stories?

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