Ferdinand Fox and the Hedgehog (3-6 yrs)

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‘Ferdinand Fox trotted down past the park, where the seesaws and swings stood still in the dark. His magnificent tail sailed along in the light of the streetlamp above, which lit up the night.’

‘That very same night, seeking bugs with her snout, Hatty the hedgehog was out and about. As soon as she smelled the scent of a fox, she scampered to hide in an old soggy box…’

Includes eight pages of photos and fun facts about foxes and hedgehogs 🙂

When Ferdinand Fox meets Edmond the baby hedgehog playing out alone one night, little Ed shrieks and curls into a tight prickly ball. He thinks the fox will eat him! But Ed soon realises that he is safe, and has just met a very special fox. Also introducing Hatty, Ed’s mum…

Perfect to share with toddlers and pre-school children ages 3-5. Older siblings and grown-ups will also love the rhyme!

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FF Collage test

Includes eight pages of fun photos and facts about foxes and hedgehogs, to share with children at home or in the classroom.

2 Responses to Ferdinand Fox and the Hedgehog (3-6 yrs)

  1. Stefan says:

    I like Ferdinand Fox and the Hedgehog very much because the story is interesting and there are nice pictures in it.I learned a lot of new words and I like books with happy ending. I also like that the book has animal facts. My brother who is 4 loves it , too.
    Stefan Stoyanov

    • kareninglis says:

      Hello Stefan! Thank you so much for leaving a review of Ferdinand Fox and the Hedgehog 🙂 I am so glad that you enjoyed the story and enjoyed learning lots of new facts about foxes and hedgehogs! I hope you’re having a lovely day — it’s pouring with rain here in the UK!! Please say hello to your class at Jolly English for me. All the best and thank you again – Karen

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