The Christmas Tree Wish (3-5 yrs)

This is a heart-warming Christmas tale about hope, friendship and being different. The beautiful pen and ink illustrations by Anne Swift feature little Bruce Spruce, Penelope Pine, Douglas Fir and Cedrick Cypress, as well as a gorgeous Christmas robin and inquisitive squirrel.

I’m proud to announce The Christmas Tree Wish was shortlisted in March 2020 for the UK Selfies Award for Best Independently Published Children’s Book. This endearing story is available here from Amazon You can also order it from any online bookshop, and from most high street bookshops (delivery times may vary).

Read on to learn more about the story and see more images. 


From the back page

robin in snowy scene sitting on a star

This gentle story introduces Little Bruce Spruce whose excitement about finding a home for Christmas Day is dashed when he discovers he has two broken branches from the weight of the snow. However, all is not lost as his fir tree friends – Cedrick Cypress, Penelope Pine and Douglas Fir – encourage and reassure him by showing him that none of them is perfect and that he will still be loved. Needless to say, there is a happy ending! 🎄  ❤️

The story behind the story

This is a story that had been going around in my head for years after I saw a small bedraggled Christmas tree left unsold one dark evening a few days before Christmas. My heart went out to the little fellow and I knew I had to write about him and give him a happy ending!

From the outset I was certain that I wanted hand-drawn illustrations rather than digital, so it was a question of finding the right person. Anne, who is a great friend whom I’ve known for over 25 years, is an architect by day, but has always been incredibly creative in other ways – I can’t believe it never occurred to me to ask her to try her hand at children’s illustrations! It was a chance image she drew for her son that made the penny drop!

I had played with the plot on an off over those years, never being quite sure of its direction. Suddenly with my illustrator in place everything came together – as if the story had been waiting for her and finally revealed itself to me. Magical! ✨

A few sample page spreads!



christmas tree characters



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