Ferdinand Fox’s Big Sleep (3-5yrs)

Ferdinand Fox counting sheep

“Ferdinand Fox curled up in the sun
as the church of St Mary struck quarter past one. His tummy was full, he was ready for sleep, and closing his eyes he began to count sheep…”

Ferdinand Fox’s Big Sleep is one of six rhyming stories about a kindhearted urban fox. Ferdinand sleeps his way through this first story where, through his dream bubbles, he shares with us all of his favourite food!  Young children love the rhyming text and vibrant colours!

Ferdinand Fox's Big Sleep - cover image
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Inspiration for Ferdinand Fox

The inspiration for Ferdinand came from the most beautiful urban fox that I spotted trotting along in a backstreet one misty November evening over 10 years ago. He was incredibly healthy looking and the street lamp lit up his magnificent tail.

He also looked a very kind and interesting fox and I couldn’t stop thinking about him him – wondering what he was doing and where he lived.

After that I kept seeing foxes – or hearing stories from friends about them – and all of my stories are based on actual events. Ferdinand Fox’s Big Sleep is based on a true story that happened to a friend I was sharing an apartment with in London! 

Also available as a colouring book!

FF BS Colouring Book Jpeg
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Five reasons why you should read Ferdinand Fox’s Big Sleep!

  • Lovely early reviews from children, parents and teachers on Amazon, Goodreads Parents in Touch and Waterstones’ websites!
  • Children and parents love rhyming text!
  • Free colouring sheets and puzzle games on Ferdinand’s own website.
  • Activity and storybook in one – Ferdinand Fox’s Big Sleep Colouring Book includes the full text and black and white illustrations to colour in.
  • Rhyme lasts across time – a great book to keep for your grandchildren!

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How to buy Ferdinand Fox’s Big Sleep

You can order Ferdinand Fox’s Big Sleep from Amazon most major online bookstores worldwide. Same for the colouring book.

Both the picture book and the colouring book can also be ordered from hight street bookshop worldwide – including Karen’s local The Barnes Bookshop which is operating click and collect as at January 2021. 

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