I’m Karen Inglis – welcome to my author website! Whether you’re a young reader, a parent, a school or a bookseller I hope you’ll enjoy looking around!

Karen Inglis children's author holding a copy of The Tell-Me Tree

Here I am at The Barnes Bookshop close to where I live

I live in Barnes, South-West London with my husband and our cat Misty. We have two sons who are finally working after university. That’s Misty below – we adopted her from a cat rescue charity 17 years ago when she was about a year old.

Misty the cat!

Misty Inglis!

Becoming a children’s author…

I first started writing for children when the boys were toddlers…. in fact three of the books you’ll find here were written when they were younger, and sat in a box for over 10 years after I went back to my day job (which is also writing)!  I then took a break from work in 2010 and decided that it was time to look at them again. There was a lot of rewriting and editing to do – it’s definitely the hardest part of being a writer – but it was worth it! Over 250,000 readers, mostly children, had enjoyed my books at the last count in December 2020 🙂 .

Here’s my office, where I do most of my writing and editing and blogging…  I do my professional writing here too. Most of it’s about money and tax, which is nowhere near as fun as making up stories!


My office – it’s not always this tidy!

And here’s the view to my garden in Spring – there’s a wonderful  Magnolia tree that comes into bloom just for a few days.


View to the Magnolia tree in Spring

About my children’s books…

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Follow the links at the top of the screen or below to find out about my books – you can order all of them online or from your local bookshop. (They should be able to get in copies within a week.)

Stop press 4th July 2020

My latest picture book The Tell-Me Tree is just out.
Find out more on my blog post here

Image of children beneath a tree - The Tell-Me Tree book cover

  • The Secret Lake – a lost dog, a hidden time tunnel and secret lake take Stella and Tom to their home and the children living there 100 years in the past. A ‘time-slip’ mystery adventure for readers aged 8-11 yrs. Over 200,000 print sales and more than 900 5-Star reviews UK/USA – don’t miss! 🙂 Inspired by the communal gardens of Notting Hill and a magical woodland called Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park, close to my home.
  • Walter Brown and the Magician’s Hat – A magical mayhem page-turner with black and white illustrations for ages 7-9+ about a boy who inherits a magician’s hat with special powers.
  • Eeek! The Runaway Alien – a fast-paced story about an alien who loves football and runs away to Earth for the World Cup! Popular in schools, book clubs and used in the Get London Reading campaign – 7-10 yrs.
  • Henry Haynes and the Great Escape – a fun first chapter book with illustrations for early readers, ages 6-8, about a boy who falls inside his library book and gets caught up in a zoo escape being masterminded by Gorden, a VERY smelly gorilla!
  • Ferdinand Fox and the Hedgehog an endearing rhyming picture book for ages 3-6 introducing Hatty the hedgehog and her baby son Ed. It includes eight fun pages of hedgehog and fox photos and facts.
  • Ferdinand Fox’s Big Sleep – a rhyming picture book for ages 3-5 yrs based on the true story of a fox that once fell asleep in my garden. (Colouring book also available.)
  • The Christmas Tree WishAs the snow starts to fall on Christmas Eve morning, little Bruce Spruce dreams about finding a home for Christmas Day. But when things don’t quite go to plan he finds that his friends are there for him – and all is not lost…
  • The Tell-Me Tree“Hello, I am the Tell-Me Tree. Why don’t you come and sit by me…” Beautifully illustrated, this gentle picture book invites children to share how they are feeling – whether happy, sad or somewhere in between,  through conversation, drawings and / or writing. Suitable for ages 4-8.

How my books get made…

I’m what’s called an ‘Author publisher’ or ‘Self-published’ author – lots of writers are doing their own publishing these days, because it means that we can get our stories out to our readers more quickly than waiting to be discovered by a publishing house…  This means that as well as writing the book I organise everything else – including finding an illustrator and cover designer, finding beta (test) readers and editors/proofreaders, getting the book interior designed and formatted (I do some of this myself, but not all), then uploaded to the printer or Amazon.

Once the book is up there, there’s all the marketing to do – so that people know it’s available and can buy it.

If you think you’d like to be a writer one day, you can find out how I went about self- publishing at my writer’s blog at selfpublishingadventures.com

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