The Secret Lake (8-11yrs)

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This is the first book I wrote and is really close to my heart – I’m thrilled that it has now sold over 10,000 copies and has been hitting children’s best seller charts on Amazon UK in  May/June 2018 🙂

The Secret Lake is a ‘time-slip’ mystery adventure in which Stella (11) and Tom (8), when trying to find their elderly neighbour’s missing dog, discover a tunnel and lake that take them to their home and the children living there 100 years in the past.

Here they take part in a daring rescue plan to help a young boy, Jack, who’s in trouble – and uncover some startling connections between the past and present…

image of front cover of The Secret Lake by Karen Inglis - two children standing by a pond looking at a boy in a boat

I’m so glad that so many children are enjoying this magical story!

Inspiration for The Secret Lake

The Secret Lake was inspired when some friends moved into an apartment in Notting Hill. It backed on to the most fantastic communal garden that the children could get lost in safely – they had mini woods to play in and rhododendron bushes to hide inside.

When I saw the children playing there, it reminded me of my own childhood in rural Hertfordshire, when our parents would let us go off and play in the woods for hours at a time! I also couldn’t help wondering what it would be like if the children in the present-day gardens could meet the children who had lived there 100 years earlier.

The lake in the story was inspired by a beautiful pond up in Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park – the book’s front cover is based on how it looks each May, when all of the Azaleas are out. 

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Isabella Plantation in bloom – May 2018. I took the new front cover for a tour 🙂

If you’ve not been there, it’s really worth the trip – and it’s free to get in! See more magical images of Isabella Plantation

Five reasons why you should read The Secret Lake!

  • Many lovely reviews from children on (this is an old website set up before the current one but I always reply!)
  • 50 Reviews on Amazon UK (mostly 5-Star) – described as ‘A modern Tom’s Midnight Garden’
  • 18 reviews on (mostly 5-Star) and more on Goodreads & Waterstones
  • 5 Stars from the influential Parents in Touch website run by ex Head teachers
  • Considered for adaption by CBBC after recommendation by their Head of Independent Commissioning

How to buy The Secret Lake

Buy in print from Amazon and most other major online bookstores worldwide, or in ebook format in the Kindle store. The Secret Lake is also stocked by selected branches of Waterstones in southwest London and in local independent bookshops such as The Notting Hill Bookshop W11, The Barnes Bookshop SW13 and The Sheen Bookshop SW14 .

You can also order it from any UK, US or Australian bookshop – simply ask!

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