Eeek! The Runaway Alien



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A boy, a runaway alien and football. Laugh-out-loud funny for ages 7-10! Please scroll down for more info.


A boy, a runaway alien and football. Laugh-out-loud funny for ages 7-10! (And with an hilarious twist!) 

When 11-year-old Charlie Spruit finds an alien on his doorstep one morning, he can hardly believe his luck. Who is he? Why has he come?

Charlie soon discovers that his new friend Eeek! is soccer-mad and has run away from space to watch the World Cup Final with him.

Charlie hides Eeek! in his bedroom, where he sleeps on the ceiling by night and pores over Charlie’s football magazines by day. The only person he shares his alien secret with is his best friend Jake.

But when nosy classmate Sid Spiker, who lives next door, spots Eeek! through his telescope things start to fall apart — big time! Sid has his own plans for this glowing green alien, which bring surprises no one could have imagined…

This fun and fast-paced adventure story, with black and white illustrations throughout, has kids (and adults!) laughing out loud from start to finish, and gasping at the hilarious twist! A perfect match for girls and boys aged 7-10 who love soccer, aliens and/or humour!

Praise for Eeek!

Eeek! has been praised by teachers, librarians, reading charities and parents as a great chapter book for keen and reluctant readers alike. Several UK schools have adopted it for Year 2 or Year 3 class readers, or for children’s books clubs. In fact, one London primary school book club voted it favourite read three years in a row!

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