My Brother Is A Superhero

by David Solomons

27 July 2015….

It’s been a while since my last children’s book review – though I’ve been reading many more! This one was too good to let get away though. Enjoy 🙂

**Five Stars**

Fun and fast-paced: for boys and girls aged 8-10 and either side

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Great fun and fast-paced….highly recommended

This is a fun, fast-paced read that my boys would have loved when they were younger. (Actually even at 21 and 23 they’d probably still enjoy it – and I know my husband would!)

I am hopeless when it comes to superheroes but was quickly drawn in and carried along by the frenetic, action-packed plot which unfolds from the point of view of comic-mad Luke, who – thanks to an untimely call of nature – just misses out on becoming a superhero to his geeky older brother, Zack.

Zack has no interest in comics or superheroes – but is selected for his unlikely role when an alien spaceship pitches up at their tree house while Luke has gone for a wee. Luke is crushed when he finds out, but decides to make the best of a bad situation by acting as ‘coach’ to his older brother in preparation for an impending confrontation with the mysterious ‘nemesis’ referred to by the passing aliens.

Wonderful jokes and japes keep the plot moving, and I especially loved Luke’s offer of the shower curtain for a cape. Of course Zack turned that down. Who could blame him?

Solomons’ pacy writing style complements the plot perfectly and will carry along the most reluctant of readers. And there’s a wonderful character cast. Girls as well as boys aged 8-10 and either side will enjoy this. Oh – and it’s very nicely set up for a sequel.

I have to say that the style and pace reminded me very much of my own very popular graphic novel Eeek! The Runaway Alien albeit My Brother Is A Superhero is, of course, an entirely different story and quite a bit longer! But it’s just as good 😉

Available in bookshops and online.

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