The Tell-Me Tree (4-8yrs)

It’s good to talk!

“Hello, I am the Tell-Me Tree. Why don’t you come and sit by me…”

Image of children beneath a tree - The Tell-Me Tree book cover

The Tell-Me Tree
is a gentle picture book for ages 4-8 that invites children to share how they are feeling – whether happy, sad or anywhere in between – through conversation, drawings and/or writing.

In so doing it encourages discussion of feelings and emotions with friends, family and trusted grown-ups in a natural and positive way.

Children sitting under a tree talking and drawingIt includes free download links to a choice of Tell-Me Tree posters for use at home or in the classroom (including one where children can add their own friends or family beneath the tree!), fun templates to help children draw their own tree, and links to resources for grown-ups if you’re worried about a child and need help or guidance.

The beautiful pen and ink drawings are by my great friend Anne Swift, who provided the equally stunning illustrations for The Christmas Tree Wish last year. ❤️


The tree that inspired The Tell-Me Tree

The initial inspiration for The Tell-Me Tree came after I spotted a face in the trunk of a majestic London Plane tree close to where I live in Barnes, south west London. However, I had to wait three years before the rest of the story found its way to me!

You can read the full ‘backstory’ in my blog post here.

Collage image of a plane tree, one with the author Karen Inglis standing in front of it
The tree on Barnes Green that inspired The Tell-Me Tree

While The Tell-Me Tree is principally aimed at ages 4-8, many who have read it have told me they think it could work well with older children too – or adults even! 😊

If you buy a copy of The Tell-Me Tree please do let me know what you think – and it would mean a lot to me if you could leave as short review online to help other discover this very special book. Thank you!

Click here or below to view or buy The Tell-Me Tree on Amazon.

Also on other online stores and to order from all high street bookshops.

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