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If you’ve just finished The Secret Lake, I am thrilled to say that Book 2 Return to the Secret Lake is available and feedback has been fantastic! Not only that, but Book 3 ‘Beyond the Secret Lake’ will be here in early 2024! The final draft is now complete and we are just waiting for the final cover. As a newsletter subscriber you will be the first to see it and have the chance to join my advance readers’ group and have your early ‘review snippets’ published inside the book!

If you don’t yet have The Secret Lake or need extra copies you will find it here on Amazon — or you can order it in print from any high street bookshop, including in your country, and from Gardners or Ingram wholesalers if you’re a school or bookshop❤️.

I hope you enjoy this picture of a little mole I bought in our local village. Those of you who have read The Secret Lake will know that moles play a very important role in the story. I just couldn’t resist this one! They are just as important in the sequel, by the way!😉

Magical moles play a vital role in The Secret Lake. I could not resist this one! 😊

One other book I thought I’d mention while here: if you are a primary or elementary school teacher, or have younger ones aged 3-6 The Tell-Me Tree continues to receive high praise from parents, schools and children’s charities for helping children share feelings, whether happy, sad or anywhere in between, through writing, drawing or conversation. It also comes with fantastic free downloadable activities, for use at home or in the classroom. Follow the link to find out more. 😊

Karen 📚

PS If your children have enjoyed The Secret Lake it would mean a lot to me — and help others discover the story — if you could help them leave a short review online at your preferred store. Thank you!

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